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  • On-demand Video Lessons on 1L Subjects

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    ...all you need to know about Property, Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure, Legal Writing, and Legislation & Regulation

  • IRAC Method Course

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  • Law School 1L Prep Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Guides

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Here's everything you'll get

    1. 10 Tips for 1L Year

    1. Sources of Law

    2. Criminal Law & Evidence

    3. Tort Law

    4. Constitutional Law

    5. Property Law

    6. Contract Law

    7. Civil Procedure: Motion to Dismiss

    8. Jurisprudence

    9. Criminal Procedure: Selecting a Jury

    10. Corporate Law, Corporate Personhood and the Free Exercise Clause

    11. Jurisdiction: Where Should I Sue?

    12. Tax Law & State Collection of Sales Tax

    1. Intro to the IRAC Method

    2. What Is IRAC?

    3. IRAC Benefits and Potential Drawbacks

    4. Test Your Knowledge of the IRAC Fundamentals

    1. Introduction to Issue

    2. Identification

    3. Articulation

    4. Issue Example

    5. Issue Assignment Solutions

    1. Introduction to Rule

    2. Finding the Relevant Rule

    3. State the Rule(s) Implicitly

    4. Level of Detail to Include

    5. Rule Example

    6. Test Your Knowledge [Rule]

    1. Introduction to Application

    2. Demystifying Application

    3. Top Tips