This course includes:

    1. Getting Started: Simple Strategies For Better Reading Comprehension

    2. Drilling Ideas To Improve Your Reading Comprehension

    3. Note-Taking Strategies and Order of Approach with Steve

    4. What Are the Different Reading Comprehension Styles?

    1. How To Maximize Your Base: Reading, Routine, and Review

    2. Central Issue Approach to Dual Passages on Global Warming and Questions

    3. Deciphering the 5 Hardest Reading Comprehension Passages

    1. Steve’s Biggest LSAT Reading Strategies

    2. Helpful Apps For Speed Reading

    3. Maximizing Your Reading Abilities as a Non-Native English Speaker: Effective Strategies for Time-Efficient Learning

    4. Enhancing Reading Comprehension for Non-Native English Speakers: Practical Tips and Advice

    1. ❓Ask a Question / Course Check Point