This course includes

    1. Develop Your Mindset for Full Practice Tests

    2. Improving Timing for Test Day

    3. Wrong Answer Choices

    4. Going Through All 5 Answer Choices

    5. Reviewing LSAT Questions

    6. LSAT Experimental Section

    7. Test Day Simulation

    8. Full Practice Tests & Test Day Advice

    1. Final Weeks of LSAT Prep

    2. Treat the LSAT Like a Marathon

    3. Take the LSAT with Confidence

    4. Test Day: 7 Biggest Mistakes

    5. Prep for Anything To Happen on Test Day

    1. 4 Pillars of LSAT Test Day Prep

    2. Avoid Score Drops

    3. Overcoming Test Anxiety

    1. LSAT Mental Hacks

    2. Meditation and Yoga for the LSAT

    3. How to Prep for Test Day

    1. Things to Know about Test Day

    1. Final Tips for Test Day

    2. LSAT Motivation Playlist